Monday, May 6, 2013

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Miranda Kerr's Diet Secret

Oh, wow! Luckily I just find what Orlando Bloom's wife diet is like on an average day.

And yes! She spilled her diet secret to us. A typical daily diet if she's home is:

* Fresh fruit salad with yoghurt and muesli
* 2 x Rye toast with avocado and boiled eggs
* Water with lemon and ginger
* Cup of green tea
Pecans, almonds and walnuts to nibble on for morning tea (sometimes roasted in tamari)

Fresh tuna salad with spelt crispbreads
Water with lemon
Dandelion Tea

Piece of fruit or nuts for afternoon tea.

Either a salmon steak or other fish or Lamb Loin chops or a piece of steak with veges or salad.
She doesnt eat a lot of potato, but she eats heaps of greens and sweet potato and pumpkin roasted.
Cup of Green tea with ginger.
Hope this helps.

Source: Kora Organics.

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